Frequently asked questions

How does it work? 

We can either deliver and collect the bunting to and from your home address or you can collect and drop back to our studio in Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8AW.

Who is responsible for putting up the bunting?

 You are. If you ask your Marquee Company or venue nicely, they may do this for you. Once booked, we can send you our digital guide on how to install the bunting.

When will the bunting be delivered and collected?

 We usually deliver the bunting on the Thursday before the event and collect the following Monday or Tuesday via courier. If you are collecting from our studio in Shaftesbury we can of course make other arrangements to suit you, this can be discussed when you book. Please note that we need to make special arrangements for off shore destinations so please tell us when you book so that we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

What happens if the bunting gets damaged?

 We don’t mind a few dusty marks and minor tears but if you read our digital guide on how to install the bunting, this will help avoid any little problems that can happen i.e. the bunting is knotted when hung so has to be cut when taken down. We are happy to discuss any queries you have regarding installation and offer our help and expertise if needed.

What happens if some of the bunting gets lost?

 In the unlikely event that some bunting goes missing, we will bill you for a replacement to be made. We supply a large S.A.E parcel force bag and, so long as the bunting is taken down in one go and put straight into the bag, it can’t go missing!

Who arranges the courier?

 We do. We will email you to confirm delivery details a few days before. We will ring your contact number on the Monday morning after the party to remind you. If you are planning on heading off on honeymoon straight away, please remember to give us a UK contact number to ring.

Do we have to wash or fold up the bunting?

 No, we do that. All we ask is that the bunting is bundled up and put into the S.A.E. Parcel force bag provided. If the bunting is wet for any reason, please let us know. We can speed up transit so that it is laundered more promptly.